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Bookkeeping, Quickbooks, Compilation Statements, Tax Preparation, Tax Resolution

    • WHAT WE OFFER – Davis Professional is a Tax & Bookkeeping company that specializes in the needs of small business owners. We take the place of an on-site bookkeeper or accounting clerk, saving you payroll and training costs. We handle all of your company’s bookkeeping needs in our office, leaving you the time to run your business. By using Davis Professional , you will have lower overhead costs, including office space cost, and equipment expenses. We offer bookkeeping, financial statements, budgets, bill payments and invoicing.
    • SIMPLICITY – Our focus is to provide the essential record keeping features needed by typical small businesses, in a clear, obvious, and uncomplicated manner. You’ll most likely understand most Bookkeeper-For-You features the first time you use them. We help you get up and running fast.
    • FLEXIBILITY – Create custom income and payment categories to serve the unique needs of your business. Categories help you keep track of subsets of data within a database. For instance, if you have an Internet business you might want to divide your income in to categories such as, “ebay sales” and “consulting income” and “software sales”.
    • SIMPLY SEND ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS TO US – By faxing to our office we can easily do all your bookkeeping work for less than half of what it costs you internally. Just fax bills, sales order, deposits, etc. We read every document faxed to our office. Outsourcing allows businesses to focus on sales while we manage your books.
    • GOOD NUMBERS – It is how small businesses make good decisions. 80% to 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. If our clients have good numbers and understand how to use them, they will not fail. We can help, call for a free consultation.