Envisioning a better future for Germantown schools

Helping provide more opportunities
for teachers and students.

About Germantown Education Foundation

Established in 2006, the Germantown Education Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation.

The mission of the Germantown Education Foundation is to mobilize community resources to support and benefit schools and educational programs in the Germantown Municipal School District. Through grants, projects and initiatives, the Germantown Education Foundation helps advance the academic achievement of students by improving the quality of teaching and learning in our six municipal schools and one online academy (GOAL).

The GEF believes education is the essential ingredient to ensure Germantown prospers with an excellent quality of life, including:

  • Quality, civic-minded leadership.
  • Top-notch representatives of community businesses.
  • Solid property values.
  • Strong economic growth.

The GEF awards all funds raised to Germantown schools, toward projects that would otherwise go unfunded. Additionally, funding through the GEF is partially or wholly matched by nearly every school through the efforts of school PTO groups.

Numerous studies show that communities with outstanding and innovative educational programs retain economic prosperity. Education is a driving force behind these communities’ ability to attract business and community leaders who take pride in where they live and work.

We ask you to join our effort to keep our schools among the best in Tennessee and the nation.

Schools We Support

The Germantown Education Foundation supports the seven public schools in the Germantown Municipal School District