Why Support Us?

Supporting the education of Germantown’s young residents is an investment whose returns benefit the entire community. Your support will ensure Germantown’s long-term prosperity by developing student-citizens who become quality civic contributors and leaders. Excellence in education also attracts businesses and residents that will continue to grow our economy and enhance our community.

Whether you have children in the public school system or not, every Germantown resident benefits when our schools and students succeed.

Here are just some ways you can support the GEF:

Become a "Foundation Founder"

You, your business or your organization can become a "Foundation Founder" by committing to partner with the GEF and give a specified yearly donation of $10,000 or more, benefiting your community schools, teachers and students.  These donations will be earmarked specifically towards projects you are passionate about and/or Capital projects within each individual school.

Foundation Founder Gold Heart: $50,000 +

Foundation Founder Silver Heart: $25,000 +

Foundation Founder Bronze Heart: $10,000 +

Become a part of our "Foundation Family"

You, your business or organization can become "Foundation Family" member by committing to partner with the GEF and give a gift ranging from $5,000-9,999 benefiting GMSD schools, teachers and students earmarking the donations to specific programs within the individual schools.

Become a "Foundation Friend"

You, your business or organization can become a "Foundation Friend" by committing to partner with the GEF and give a yearly donation ranging from $1,000-4,999 that will be specifically set aside for teacher grants that are given out every spring.

Become a Foundation "Monthly Contributor"

You or your business can give any monthly contribution to the Foundation through the Friend of the Foundation of Knowledge campaign (your City water bill) or by clicking the "DONATE NOW" button found on this website.  Your contribution will help fund wonderful grants and projects for our GMSD schools, students and teachers.

Become a "Legacy for Education"

Leaving a legacy for Education is a wonderful way for future generations to benefit from the passionate hearts of those who have helped build and sustain our municipal schools through their giving.