November S.T.A.R. Teachers!


School Board members Natalie Williams and Linda Fisher were on hand to help present the S.T.A.R. Teachers for November.  Thank you to all of the PTA president’s and VP’s who help make this possible.

Dogwood S.T.A.R. November winners! Bononno, Booten, Bozeman, Dancy, Miller, Morris, Penn and Washington!

dogwood pic1 dogwood pic4 dogwood pic5 dogwood pic9dogwood pic2dogwood pic8dogwood pic7dogwood pic 6dogwood pic3

Farmington November S.T.A.R. teache’s! Banks, Bergen, Brignole, Deaton, Daughtery, Dodson, Gould, Halteman, Lane, Lasley, Madison, Malone, Nannie, Rotenberry and Tanner.

 farmington pic 3farmington pic 4farmington pic 5farmington pic 11farmington pic 6farmington pic 13farmington pic 14farmington pic2farmington pic7farmington pic8farmington pic9farmington pic10farmington pic12farmington pics

Riverdale S.T.A.R. Teachers! Barbieri, Basehart, Cooley, Collins, Flynt, Fristick, Gabriel, Greenberg, Hughes, Kitchen, Lay, Loyd, Owsley, Perry, Tickle, Wade and Wingo.

river wingoriver layriver kitchensriver hughesriver gabrielriver flyntriver basehartriver barbeririverdale cooleyriverdale fristickriverdale greenbergriverdale loydriverdale pic owlselyriverdale tickleriverdale waderiver perryriverdale, collins

HMS S.T.A.R. teachers!  Hume, Lieske, Livesay, Luellen and Rudisill.

hms luellenhms livesayhms leiskehms humehms rudisill