GEF Grant History

Germantown Education Foundation grants support academic programs, teaching, technology and learning initiatives.

2022-2023 Grants Awarded: $41,183

  • Fill the Halls with Learning---Dogwood Elementary---$9,305
  • Lit for Language Arts---Dogwood Elementary---$2,388
  • 21 Century Classroom---Farmington Elementary---$8,195
  • Book Madness---Farmington Elementary---$3,037
  • Farming at Forest Hill---Forest Hill Elementary---$2,500
  • Houston Moves---Houston Middle School---$9,500
  • Orchestra Cello Chairs---Riverdale Elementary School---$2,869
  • Band Student Chairs---Riverdale Elementary School---$3,389

2021 Fall Grants Awarded: $47,491.78

  • Bike Safety and Education Program---Forest Hill Elementary--- $4,500
  • Nurturing STEM in Preschool---Forest Hill Elementary---$5,853.60
  • Building Connections Through Video Games---GOAL---$5,500
  • Gaga Over Gaga Ball---Dogwood Elementary---$1,699
  • Dolphins Print in 3D---Dogwood Elementary---$5,000
  • Kicking Up Learning with Kinesthetics---Dogwood Elementary---$1,300
  • Recordings at FHES---Forest Hill Elementary---$370
  • Self-Regulation Stations---Forest Hill Elementary---$1,089.10
  • Heart Zone Equipment---Houston Middle---$5,000
  • Calming Strategies Program---Houston Middle---$5,500
  • Science Olympiad---Houston Middle---$2,300
  • Outdoor Seating for All---Houston High---$6,062.84
  • Visual Art Color Printers---Houston Middle---$1,500
  • Power to Generate---Riverdale School---$1,817.24

2017 EIG & Individual School Grants: $50,000

  • “Exceptional Students AAC Devices & APP Licenses”-All 5 Schools $11,000.00
  • “Modern Learning Environment 1.1” Houston Middle School $8,847.43
  • “Lights, Camera, Teach” – Dogwood Elementary $4,490.00
  • “Human Anatomy Come to Life” –  Houston High School $2,200.00
  • “Project Library Tech for All” – Farmington Elementary$6,495.00
  • “Maximizing Modern Technology in Physical Education” – Dogwood Elementary $3,900.00
  • “Growing World Changers w/STEM” – Dogwood Elementary $1,600.00
  • “Musical Chairs for the Orchestra” – Riverdale Elementary & Middle $3,356.53

2021 Spring Grants Awarded: $50,428.37

  • Art for Everyone---Riverdale School--- $11,574.88
  • Hands-on Sensory Wall---Dogwood Elementary---$1089.55
  • Dogwood Guitar Blues---Dogwood Elementary---$5,000
  • Mustang Café---Houston High School---$6,000
  • Let’s Play on Concrete---Dogwood Elementary---$15,000
  • A Book a Day for Second Grade Foxes---Forest Hill Elementary---$3614
  • 21st Century Classroom Updates---Farmington Elementary---$8149.94

2019 Grants: $61,614

  • Book A Day Grant---Dogwood---$10,000
  • Classroom on the Hill Grant---Dogwood---$20,000
  • Coding in the Classroom---Farmington---$4998
  • Music For the Ages--- Houston High---$1045
  • Kinesthetic Classroom--- Forest Hill---$5455
  • Library Tech for All--- Forest Hill---$12,000
  • Scrabble Wall for the Pointe---Houston High---$2039
  • 21st Century Collaborative Classroom---Houston High---$6077

2016 EIG & Individual School Grants: $40,000

  • SPED Programs/All Schools –Closing the Gaps for Math & Reading Grant $6,383.55
  • Dogwood Elementary Library –Dolphin Leveled Reader Library Grant $5,000
  • Farmington 2nd grade Teacher –Deaton to 1 iPad's Grant $4,600
  • Farmington RTI Coach –RTI iPad's and Carts Grant $1,200
  • HMS Principal – 21st Century Classroom Grant $2,000
  • HMS 8th grade STEM Teacher –EV3 Robot Kits Grant $6,817
  • Riverdale Elementary & Middle School Library –iPad's for All Learners Grant $10,000
  • Riverdale 8th grade Science –Putting the “T” in Technology Grant $4,000

Grant Recipient Testimonials

"I'll begin by saying that every single vision I had for this grant is fulfilled.  
Our giant wall-mount Scrabble board was delivered a couple of weeks before we left for Spring Break. We played many times, as most of my students had completed their Q3 work. The students couldn't wait to put up their computers, break out the Official Scrabble Players Dictionaries (which you also provided), and make words! They played in teams, and to increase the level of socialization, the teams were different each time. Every goal and testimonial of the grant came to fruition. To paraphrase: You haven't lived till you've seen teenagers argue over a dictionary! (In the spirit of learning, they are allowed to use the dictionaries, but under a 2-minute time limit.) Your gift is a miracle in areas of academics, socialization, strategy, and so much more. Since we've left school, I continue to communicate with my students. I'm not exaggerating when I say that every single student talks about how much they miss our classroom and mostly, that they miss playing Scrabble. In fact, the first thing they say is how they wish they were back in school so we could play Scrabble! Boundless thanks, GEF. Our gratitude is immeasurable."

Lorrie N. Tingle, B.B.A., B.S.E.
The Pointe: GMSD’S Alternative Education Program

“Dogwood is grateful to have been awarded a generous GEF grant that will add an outdoor classroom to our campus! Bringing learning outside in nature will provide so many possibilities and benefits for our students”
-Joye Phipps, Assistant Principal

“By reading a picture book a day with students, our children will be exposed to not only great literature read fluently by a teacher, but will also have a chance to learn important social and emotional skills through characters and conversations with others”
Alexa Guynes, Dogwood Elementary

Dogwood Elementary's Grant... Let's Play on Concrete Edumarking

Forest Hill Elementary's Library Tech for All

Houston High's Scrabble Wall for the Pointe

Closing the Gap for Math & Reading SPED Grant Fulfilled!

In 2015, the GEF awarded $25,000 to the Fine Arts Departments.  The donation these schools received was specifically earmarked for their Fine Arts Departments by the Germantown Charity Horse Show.  Check out the NEWS section of this website to see photos of the the recent school recipients.

Riverdale: $8,250                                                                                                                                                Farmington: $5,250                                                                                                                                              Dogwood: $5,500                                                                                                                                              Houston Middle: $6,000