2017 Grant Awards

The GEF’s mission is to partner with the Germantown community raising funds to support the public education of children in Germantown. To assist us in this mission, we rely on all of our Friends of the Foundation supporters such as you.

We are proud to announce our 2017 Grant recipients.  They are:

  1. “Exceptional Students AAC Devices & APP Licenses”-All 5 Schools $11,000.00
  2. “Modern Learning Environment 1.1” Houston Middle School $8,847.43
  3. “Lights, Camera, Teach” – Dogwood Elementary $4,490.00
  4. “Human Anatomy Come to Life” –  Houston High School $2,200.00
  5. “Project Library Tech for All” – Farmington Elementary$6,495.00
  6. “Maximizing Modern Technology in Physical Education” – Dogwood Elementary $3,900.00
  7. “Growing World Changers w/STEM” – Dogwood Elementary $1,600.00
  8. “Musical Chairs for the Orchestra” – Riverdale Elementary & Middle $3,356.53